6 Reasons for Choosing the Serres Suction Bag System

As a forward-thinking pioneer of fluid management solutions, Serres is constantly innovating to remain on the cutting edge of the healthcare industry. The integration of suction bags and fluid waste disposal solutions create an unrivaled closed system that supports the entire fluid management process from start to finish. Take a look below at 6 key considerations for adopting the Serres Suction Bag System.

1. Decreased Risk of Infection for Patients and OR Staff

We have developed a closed system that prevents leakages and spillages from occurring, even in situations where the bags would be accidentally dropped on the floor.

Suction bags with backflow valve enable more hygienic procedures as the valve prevents liquid spillage from the patient port before it is plugged.

The pre-gelled suction bags ensure an easy and safe handling and transportation of solidified fluid waste.

Hydrophobic filters serve as a combined bacterial filter and overflow protection, which reliably protect the central vacuum system from contamination.

2. Proven Durability

Making sure that our suction bags deliver the best results is one of our top priorities. The Serres suction bags are made of thin yet strong polyethylene film that stretches and doesn’t burst.

The Serres suction bags offer reliable quality that have hones over 45 years in their factories in Kauhajoki and Saarjärvi, Finland. We follow diligent quality control ensuring a failure rate of one in a million.

3. Minimize Risk of Errors

Some complications that patients experience are due to mistakes during surgical procedures.

To help you ensure patient safety in the OR, we’ve incorporated a patented single connection system that makes mistakes virtually impossible.

The error-free connection is easy to learn and use, and it minimizes risks of error or accident related to surgical suction. Just connect the patient tubing and the bag is ready for use.

4. User Friendliness

The serial connection allows you to expand the suction capacity up to 36 liters, the largest volume in the market.

The solidifier, packed in soluble pouches, is inserted in the bag so you can start the operation immediately.

The vacuum source is connected to the angle connector of the canister. Once installed, there is no need to manipulate the vacuum tube or the connector between operations.

5. Cost Savings

Fewer references are needed in the hospital with the Serres suction bag system. Indeed, the same suction bag can be used regardless of the installation type or accessories used. This eases stock management and reduces procurement workload.

Furthermore, our suction bags contain 58% less plastics than other solutions in the market. As a result, you can save up to 88% of the space you have in your storage rooms all while reducing your transport costs related to disposable medical equipment.

6. No DEHP and a Lower Carbon Footprint

The Serres suction bag system is DEHP-free, which allows you to protect your patients from any health risk related to exposure to this phthalate.

What’s more, Serres helps hospitals decrease their environmental footprint through smart design, manufacturing, transportation, storage and disposal.

Less plastics means lighter products creating space and cost savings in transportation, storage and disposal. Serres in an ISO 14 001-certified manufacturer.

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