The progressive leader in smart fluid management solutions.

Supporting over 75,000 surgeries a day worldwide, Serres integrated solutions have a focus on safety, sustainability, and savings. Serres’ surgical suction system is designed to support efficient and safe fluid management. Durable single-use suction bags in 3 different sizes provide confidence in the most hectic situations. The closed loop system offers reusable canisters contributing to less red bag waste costs. Serres Nemo, a surgical fluid disposal device, secures the emptying of the Serres Suction bag in a hygienic manner while significantly reducing the amount of waste generated in the process.

Discover how the Serres Integrated System Works

By utilizing suction bags as canister liner that captures waste, rather than dispensing fluid directly into the canister, your process instantly becomes safer and more convenient than ever before. To make this process even more efficient, these suction bags and canisters can be secured onto a portable trolley, which can hold up to twelve cannisters at once. Once your procedure is complete, simply lift the bags from the canisters for disposal.

The sealed suction bags can then be placed inside the Serres Nemo, an unparalleled solution for fluid waste disposal. Not only does the Serres Nemo accelerate the fluid disposal process with its short 20-second emptying cycle, it also completely removes the need for staff to open contaminated canisters and bags. The Nemo achieves up to 90% cost savings compared to a high volume system. Once this process is complete, the bag is emptied of all contents and can be safely discarded.

The Serres trolley is easy to maneuver and is capable of fitting multiple cannisters at once.

The Serres Nemo provides a safer, faster, and more cost-effective method of fluid waste disposal. 

Fluid waste is completely contained within suction bags, simultaneously eliminating the need to dispose of your canisters post-surgery, while also decreasing the risk of spills and mess.

Solutions Made Smart for the Environment

Less plastic, less weight

The Serres reliable and durable suction bags use much less plasticthan comparable products. Reducing the amount of plastics in manufacturing makes suction bags much lighter. This creates efficiencies in logistics and saves CO₂ emissions from being released into the environment.

Up to four times more bags in a box

The foldability of Serres Suction Bags fit more bags into less space, leading to more efficient transport and space-saving in storage.

PVC-free suction bags and canisters

Incinerating PVC increases levels of toxic dioxin. Serres Suction Bags are made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Our canisters use polycarbonate (PC).


Minimizing the environmental impact starts from design.


Serres controls their own manufacturing.


Smart space-saving packaging creates efficiencies in hospitals.


Solutions designed to be more environmental in use with a positive influence also on safety and wellbeing at work.


Product design and packaging that is ideal for smart transport.


Minimizing waste and the Serres Nemo waste disposal equipment significantly decrease the carbon footprint of fluid waste disposal.

Choice of suction system influences the environmental impact of your actions. Serres Suction Bags use less plastic than comparable products, making them lighter and easily foldable for efficient packaging and convenient transportation. Compared to disposable rigid canisters, six times more Serres Suction Bags of equal volume fit into a shipping container. While many other similar products are produced in China, Serres has its manufacturing in Finland. Shipping Serres Suction Bags from Helsinki to New York results in 12 times less CO2 emissions than shipping the same number of rigid canisters from Shanghai to New York.

Serres Nemo fluid disposal equipment decreases CO2 emissions by 1,092kg monthly compared to incinerating full suction bags. Energy savings are the biggest difference, because during incineration a lot of energy is needed to vaporize the fluid waste. If the fluid waste is emptied with Serres Nemo already at the hospital, only the empty Serres Suction Bag goes into disposal. This reduces waste and decreases carbon footprint of transportation and incineration.