VeinViewer® Vision2 designed for first stick success in less time.

The VeinViewer® Vision2 is our premier vascular imaging device. Every unit is fully loaded with ASSESS™ Imaging software providing the user the widest variety of features available in the direct projection market.

With HD imaging and exclusive Df2 technology, this VeinViewer model offers to-the­-bedside mobility, quick set up and an optimal hands-free solution.

VeinViewer Vision2, allows clinicians to see deeper vasculature with more accuracy than other vein light devices on the market. The Vision2 model offers the fastest set up time of all VeinViewer products and the longest battery run time of all our devices. Vision2 also includes a durable cart for Eyes On Patient™ hands-free technique!

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The VeinViewer Vision2 was engineered to meet the demands of today’s clinical reality.

VeinViewer Vision2 was born from countless hours of conversations with clinicians. With VeinViewer®, clinicians can quickly and confidently detect veins that are difficult to find through sight and palpation, significantly reducing assessment time and stick attempts.

VeinViewer by Christie uses harmless near-infrared (NIR) light to project a high definition, real-time image of patient veins directly onto their skin. Many of the most recognized and highly regarded facilities in the nation trust VeinViewer technology because of the premium features and these additional benefits:

  • MaxReach provides head-to-toe coverage
  • greater first stick success and fewer PICC lines
  • utilization confidence through clinical training and support
  • built-in suite of imaging modes for every patient type
  • increased patient satisfaction

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