When Every Breath Counts TM

Under normal conditions, the nose and upper airways humidify, heat up and ­filter the air we breathe. This is crucial for the mucociliary cleansing system in the airway to function properly. However, when ventilated and during anesthesia, the patient is intubated either with an ET-tube, LMA or a tracheostomy tube. Then the Heat & Moisture and Filtering mechanisms are bypassed which exposes dry ventilatory gases to the lung system.

Longer periods of breathing dry and cold gases could lead to the following:

  • Reduction in ciliary function
  • Mucosal injury
  • Airway obstruction from thick secretions
  • Respiratory heat loss (hypothermia)
  • Indirectly to Ventilator Associated Pneumonia


CAREguardpro™ by Pharma Systems Heat & Moisture Exchangers (HME’s) are an easy way to correct or avoid this condition. An HME simply collects the patient’s expired Heat & Moisture within its hygroscopic media. Then it returns it during the following inspiration.

The advantages of our extensive range of quality filtration and humidification devices for breathing system efficiencies include:

  • Bacterial viral filters with filtration efficiency of >99.9%
  • HME filters with humidification efficiency up to 33mgH2O/L
  • Different filter options including ports, angles and elbows to ensure the right choice of device
  • Conical fittings are in accordance with ISO standards to ensure good connection stability
  • Initial set up is simple, quick and secure
  • Maintain mucociliary transport while preventing mucosal damage
  • Reduce mucus plugs and heat loss from the airways
  • Keep patient circuits dry (no need for water traps & heated wire)
  • Decrease risk for colonization in the circuit

Protection You Can Trust with a Bacterial and Viral Efficiency of Over 99.9%

With our exclusive Pharma Systems HCHs and Filters you can breathe with ease. Our filters have been independently tested by the accredited Nelson Labs, global leaders in laboratory testing and advisement, and have been proven to reduce the potential for bacterial and viral contamination with efficiencies up to 99.99%.
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The Importance of HME/Filter Design

CAREguardpro™ by Pharma Systems is a Swedish company that has been manufacturing breathing comfort safety systems since 1990. Our HME’s are lightweight, time saving, low cost and can easily be combined with a bacterial/viral ­filter. Furthermore, there is no need for electricity and additional water. Round shape provides equal spread of airstream and creation of turbulences in corners is eliminated thus the HME/Filter media is used in a very effective way.

They are designed with a smooth housing that utilizes most of the surface area for the air exchange to take place, which results in optimal performance with high humidification properties.  Daily in-house tests are conducted to ensure quality with continuous evaluation to find the best manufacturing and user solutions.