Flexible & Precise Bone Marrow Collection

Other bone marrow collection systems aspirate through a straight cannula in the middle of the marrow space and often require a centrifuge, adding steps outside the sterile field. The Marrow Marxman™ overcomes these limitations with a patented FlexMetric® cannula that bends to follow the inner cortex which is the greatest reservoir of osteoprogenitor and other regenerative cells. This technique results in safe bone marrow harvest with the highest collection yields.

  • SIMPLE, closed system for short, in-office or OR procedures
  • NO CENTRIFUGATION required & minimally invasive
  • LIMITS peripheral blood infiltration with micro aspirations from a cannula that advances into undamaged areas
  • FLEXIBLE design directs the cannula to the wall of the inner cortex to maximize cell recovery

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Marrow Marxman™ vs Traditional BMA

The patented, and groundbreaking, FlexMetric® technology allows for deflection as the cannula follows the path of least resistance without perforating through the cortex and into adjacent tissue. This maximizes the available bone marrow geography to safely aspirate.

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