VeinViewer® Flex for portable vein illumination

The VeinViewer® Flex is a highly portable vascular access imaging device that can help you find the optimal venipuncture site and avoid potential complications.

With HD imaging and Df2 technology, this small VeinViewer model is the brightest and only handheld vein illuminator that provides benefits for all patients during the entire Pre-, During- and Post- vascular access procedure.

It is ideal for alternate care facilities, such as surgery and blood/plasma centers,as well as home healthcare and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), VeinViewer Flex is designed for durability and maximum portability. The Christie VeinViewer Flex is also suited for hospital departments such as the Emergency Department and NICU where space requirements and speed of assessment demand an ultra-portable and reliable vein finder!

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The VeinViewer® Flex Versatility to overcome any challenge.

The VeinViewer Flex operates as a handheld or mounted device with a built-in suite of imaging modes to provide any clinician the ideal setting for every patient type. Additional benefits include:

  • fast and efficient assessment
  • locate veins, valves and bifurcations up to 10 mm deep
  • in-focus indicator for TrueViewTM accuracy
  • clinically proven to improve first stick success by 100% and reduce time to IV access
  • harmless LED light approved for all environments
  • ergonomic grip for ease of use

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Introducing the New CARErover™ and Adapter Arm Bundle

The near-infrared (NIR) technology of VeinViewer® Flex is now more portable than ever by adding the CARErover™ and Adapter Arm bundle. The CARErover utility cart was designed specifically to integrate with the VeinViewer® Flex system. The Adapter Arm flex stud easily connects to the existing VeinViewer® Flex Arm Mount to maintain motility when repositioning the vascular access device. Accuracy, stability and mobility combine for the ideal vein imaging package.