Slimspec™: Acoustic wave therapy system for cellulite and body firming

Slimspec™ is an easy to operate, compact and user friendly acoustic wave system that was developed by Medispec. It is reliable and efficient, granting significant clinical results and great satisfaction to the patient.

Acoustic radial waves are unfocused low pressure acoustic waves created by an electromagnetic ballistic mechanism. The wave is transferred into the tissue affecting a large treatment area. Lately it was successfully adapted to the clinical requirements for cellulite therapy, by allowing an excellent coverage of the cellulite area.

The treatment generates an instant reaction of a butterfly-like effect. The body responds to the acoustic radial wave by increasing metabolic activity around the site of the treated area. The acoustic radial waves reduce the tissue oedema which is one of the initial phenomena of the cellulite. Reduction of oedema causes less puffiness of the skin. The tissue becomes more permeable so the fluids and the toxins retained within the fat cells are being released and drained by the lymphatic system. By reducing the toxins, through reduction of oedema, there is less damage to the collagen fibers, thus, less degeneration and tighter holding of the skin.

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Non-invasive, Painless, Safe & Cost Effective

The Slimspec is very easy to install, operate and maintain. Its ergonomic design enables the user ease of use of both the Applicator and the Control Panel. It is lightweight, highly portable and can fit most treatment environments. Slimspec requires hardly any consumables. The device is extremely cost effective, has low maintenance requirements and can fit most users’ budgets.

Benefits of Using Slimspec™

  • Gradual smoothening of skin surface with visible results
  • Increased firmness & lifting of the skin
  • Circumferential reduction
  • Long-lasting treatment effect (up to 6 months post treatment)
  • Painless & non-invasive treatment with no reported side effects
  • No downtime after treatment
  • Complies with international standards (FDA, CE)