Outpatient Surgery – A Higher Level of Care & Safety

Providing safety, convenience, and savings, outpatient surgery has never been more integrated with solutions from Serres, Pharma Systems, Pro-Nox, VeinViewer and more. With a rise in outpatient surgeries, it’s critical to have reliable products that help reduce risk, save time and are cost effective.  Focus where it matters by incorporating these innovative solutions into your surgery center. It all starts with a FREE evaluation to see the immediate difference.

Focus Where it Matters

Supporting over 40,000 surgeries every day worldwide, the Serres integrated fluid management system is designed to work together, creating a holistic solution from suction to disposal. Exceptional quality and years of product development have allowed Serres to create smart solutions that are durable and efficient while lowering red bag waste costs. Serres bags, canisters and Nemo are intuitive to set up while ensuring safety for you, your staff and patient.

Bacterial & Viral Breathing Protection

Pharma Systems high performance HCHs and Filters offer bacterial and viral efficiencies greater than 99.99% and have the highest moisture return from the very first breath. Manufactured in Sweden, these HMEs and Filters are designed using high quality fibers that have been rigorously tested by Nelson Labs USA.  From adult to neonate, short term to long term, our portfolio includes a variety of solutions that protect staff, patients and equipment.  They even allow in-line nebulization without taking the device out of line…no twisting or turning of the device is needed. These premium filtration and humidification accessories provide trusted protection with a bacterial and viral efficiencies > 99.99%.

Multi-Day Use Anesthesia Circuits

Introducing our CAREcircuit suite of anesthesia circuits and accessories for hospital and intensive care units. Available in different lengths, our CAREcircuitPro+ anesthesia circuits contain a silver ion additive within the tubing that rapidly disrupts the normal enzyme activities of certain bacteria combating Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and other micro-organisms.

Illuminating Revolutionary Patient Care

​​Vein illumination is becoming a regularly recommended method for helping improve IV access, and VeinViewer® is the market-leader of vein finder devices. VeinViewer Flex and Vision2 use harmless near-infrared (NIR) technology to capture and project an HD vein image onto the patient’s skin, assisting staff in seeing deeper and more accurate vasculature up to 10 mm. VeinViewer has been shown to improve IV first-stick success by up to 100%, decrease time to start an IV by up to 100% and decrease PICC lines by greater than 30%.  Save time and money with the many modes VeinViewer devices have to offer for pre-, during- and post-access.

Breathe Away Pain with Pro-Nox

Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide Delivery System offers a safe, fixed mixture of 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen to help relieve patient pain and anxiety during in-office procedures. The innovative Pro-Nox pneumatically delivers the fixed gas mixture through a demand valve for infection and full patient control. Relief takes effect in just a few breaths and is expelled from the lungs within minutes after discontinuation, allowing a quick recovery. The entire system, including E-cylinders, fit on a cart for convenient mobility between procedure rooms. Safety features include audio and visual alarms to warn when either gas is running low and will shut off when pressure is too low to deliver the 50/50 mixture. Patients breathe for the duration of any procedure through a disposable mouthpiece or mask that come in a variety of sizes for even more comfort.

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