Get in the Game with These Cutting-Edge Orthopaedic Solutions


There is a new player in the PRP game! Introducing CAREprp for customizable high quality platelet-rich plasma (PRP). CAREprp is FDA-cleared and utilizes a breakthrough hourglass-shaped design for optimal and secure PRP separation. The patented tube allows for flexible golden plasma collection for the ultimate personalized precision PRP. Connect for a private demo to see the unique system first hand AND ask about trade-in options for existing FDA-cleared PRP systems.

PRP Spin It To Win It Webinar from CAREstream America

Marrow Marxman™

Optimize collection content with the innovative Marrow Marxman™ bone marrow harvest system. The Marrow Marxman™ is a safe, deflective bone marrow aspiration solution that utilizes flexible cannula technology to collect high yields of quality bone marrow in a closed system.

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Alpha2Active™ is a 510(k) approved system that utilizes a patented process to concentrate the large alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M) molecules from patient’s blood. This special molecule works by binding to the attacking enzymes until excreted from the body. Experience the concentration commitment with a private demo!

Micronized Fat

Get to know the water-jet assisted liposuction method to harvest micronized fat with a gentle fan-shaped spray. The multi-action action cannula infiltrates, separates AND aspirates adipose simultaneously, which means no more swapping during a procedure. Plus, there is no tumescence waiting period or centrifugation! Check out the innovative body-jet eco for high quality fat collection.

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