Breathe Easy with CAREguardpro™

By Pharma Systems of Sweden

Protection you can trust 

CAREguardpro™ by Pharma Systems of Sweden offers a wide array of world class HCHs and Filters. These bidirectional HCHs and filters reduce the risk of cross-infection among patients and hospital staff and prevent the spread of infectious particles into the circuits and machines.

CAREguardpro filters can be trusted for every patient need: adult to neonate and short term to long term. Additionally, CAREguardpro offers:

  • The highest moisture return from the first breath
  • Protection against bacterial and viral contamination with an efficiency up to 99.99%
  • The ability for in-line nebulization treatments without taking the device out of line

When every breath matters, trust CAREguardpro™

CAREguardpro™ bidirectional filters reduce the risk of cross contamination among patients and staff

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