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CAREstream America is dedicated to bettering the lives of our employees, patients and customers through cutting-edge solutions that are redefining aesthetics. Our innovative and comprehensive portfolio includes solutions aimed to enhance your patient experience, elevate results, increase safety, and exceed expectations. Connect for a private demo today to see how premium aesthetic solutions meet superior customer service!

Take the Worry Out of Any Treatment with Pro-Nox™!

Pro-Nox™ is a pneumatically driven gas system designed to deliver a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture to adult and pediatric patients for the relief of pain and anxiety in a medical setting.

This innovative tool is a patient-controlled inhaled analgesia for easy in-office use that takes effect in just a few breaths, offering immediate relief.

Pro-Nox™ is trusted by over 3,000 offices in the United States to help ease pain and anxiety for any treatment and transforms their offices into A Pro-Nox™ Comfort Zone. Practitioners now have the ability to offer Pro-Nox™ with almost any procedure and allows them to transform the way they treat patients!

Unleash the Potential of PRP

The patented, and FDA cleared, 25 ml hourglass-shaped tube was designed with 2 strategic openings for ultimate flexibility. After collecting blood and a quick centrifuge spin, plasma is separated with an easily identified buffy coat. The RBCs are sealed in the bottom chamber leaving a natural, golden plasma solution for aspirating desired volume.

Portable Vein Illumination

The VeinViewer® Flex is a highly portable vascular access imaging device that can help you find the optimal venipuncture site and avoid potential complications.

This small VeinViewer® model is the brightest and only handheld vein illuminator that provides benefits for all patients, making it ideal for alternate care facilities. Using near-infrared (NIR) light to detect superficial veins, VeinViewer® projects the vein pattern directly on the skin allowing you to easily identify and avoid vessels for cosmetic injections, helping to circumvent potential complications and reduce costs. Improve the patient experience and set your practice ahead of the rest with the cutting-edge technology of VeinViewer®.

Acoustic Wave Therapy System for Cellulite and Body Firming

Slimspec™ is an easy to operate, compact and user-friendly acoustic wave system that was developed by Medispec. It is reliable and efficient, granting significant clinical results and great satisfaction to the patient.

Acoustic radial waves are unfocused low pressure acoustic waves created by an electromagnetic ballistic mechanism. The wave is transferred into the tissue affecting a large treatment area. Lately it was successfully adapted to the clinical requirements for cellulite therapy, by allowing an excellent coverage of the cellulite area.

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