YES, Harvesting Quality Fat Matters!

Optimize collection yield while preserving fat with the water-jet assisted lipoharvest portfolio (WAL).

The innovative body-jet® has been designed for the precise and gentle removal of fat tissue to be used for subsequent autologous fat transfer. A pulsating water-jet combined with a tissue-sparing, defined vacuum allows harvesting intact and highly viable fat cells from the subcutaneous fat tissue in a gentle way.

  • No more tumescence technique
  • No more change of cannulas for spray or aspiration
  • No more centrifugation required

The patented body-jet® helps save valuable time by harvesting highly viable fat, resulting in finely dispersed injectable-ready adipose clusters.

CAREstream America is the official distributor of the body-jet® eco and FillerCollector® in the US. body-jet® eco and FillerCollector® are registered trademarks of the Human Med AG in the US and worldwide.